Friday, February 24, 2006

Is taking information from a website for a project the smartest idea? People that think they are always getting acurate information for projects on the internet. Is that smart? No, infact most of the articles on non recomended sites are not intirely true! You should think about going to well known websites that you know people actually know the information and not guess that they do. Also people should pick up information from books because there are other people making sure it is true and checking twice unlike poeple posting websites. Most people should use a book more because they are more likely to be true, and it is easy to find what you want, unlike the internet.

Itunes just reach a huge milestone!!!!!!! Music lovers in 21 different countries bought over 1billion songs!!!!!! They would like to say thank you to all th music lovers out there.

"Music lovers like you in 21 countries around the globe have purchased 1 billion songs from the iTunes Music Store. And for helping us reach this massive milestone in digital music history, we'd like to thank you."

Apple says Alex Ostrovsky of West Bloomfield, Michigan, downloaded Coldplay's "Speed of Sound," and just then the ticker announced him as the winner of a $10,000 iTunes music card, a new 20-inch iMac, and one of the 10 60GB iPods.

This was the 1 billionth song purchased and for that Alex Ostrovsky won; a $10,000 itunes music card, a 20 inch imac, and 1 out of the 10 60gb ipods!!!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ok if your reading this then you have a chance for me to comment on your blog... Just comment on this article and tell me the blog so i can look up your blog and comment. I promise i will try to keep it as good as possible. I am looking forward to reading your articles. If you stumble across this article please let me comment because I know where you live(or maybe not). Well, I hope you get the point and comment so i can read your exciting articles. Bye bye and p.s. PLEASE COMMENT SO I CAN COMMENT!!!

Why is Aim(AOL instant message) Msn or yahoo IM so bad and good? To start lets end on a good note so bad first. Yes you can talk to your "friends," but really are you sure they are your friends? You may be talking to people that are pretending to be your friends so they can meet you in real life. Thats bad. Ok you probably know that's bad so never mind. Anyways your computer also may be infected with a virus from someone else's computer. Although these are really bad its a very fast way to talk to people and you do not even have to pay a phone bill, it comes with your account! Well, if they are online but still it is fast and convenient!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sharper Image on a roll!(Keep on rolling and rolling) Sharper Image is making all new amazing, insane, and outstanding products that everyone will want to get their hands on! First awhile ago they came out with the ionic breeze, a creation like no other for a healthy house environment like no other! But wait that was not the end of their amazing products recently they made a multiple products that consist of; Ijoy, Isphere, Ipulse, Iframe, isplash, Isoother, and lastly the Itower. All of these for Ipods and MP3players are outstanding and like no other item on the market.( Ijoy=music chair, Isphere=sphere stereo, Ipulse=half sphere stereo, Iframe=music frame, isplash=waterproof stereo, isoother=music alarm clock, Itower=long thin tower like stereo) Why have a large surplus of ipod stereos while you have a ipod already? The reason is that you can take have more space instead of having dozens of eletronics. Have one in your room, shower, living room, ect. You will be astonished by these new Sharper Image products. Sharper Image is making life easier and taking it to a whole new level.

What's better than sitting down and listing to your ipod in a comfortable
chair? I will tell you, sitting down in a comfortable chair that plays your ipod music! Introducing the new Ijoy! A chair with 3 speakers(2 at the head rest for each ear and one at the feet), a massage system, a cup holder, and can recline in a touch of a button! You can control the music from the right arm rest where the ipod can be plugged into. Calm your self down with some mellow music to take a nap if you want or you can listen to music while you loosen up your mussels. This Ijoy cost about as much as a regular massage chair, and that means your getting an extra feature(music playing) for "free". Is there anything Sharper Image cannot do?

Ever want to listen to music in the shower/bath? well, now you can! The new Isplash is a waterprof music player that you can hook your ipod or mp3 player up to a transmitter and, listen while your bathing. Thinking how will the Isplash might get the music? This transmitter is wireless so you dont need to have dangling wires coming out of your shower. Now you will be able to listen to your songs instead of trying to sing them right!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Xbox360 VS. Xbox

Xbox360, whats so bad and good about it? As you probably know from the news that everyone is saying how good the graphics of the xbox360 is... but since you cannot use the games from the regular xbox, why buy them again? Yes it has amazing graphics, (I know because of my friends) incredible new games, and wireless controllers. Well, Look at the cost, about $500- $1000! So The regular xbox will have new games, and so the controllers are wired, but later they will make xbox with wireless controllers. So for those without the xbox360 you won't be missing out for that long.

Ups and downs of e-mail. First, the ups, e-mail is a fast way pf comunacating with your friends/family. You can get a respond in about 2 minutes. For e-mail it doesn't even cost extra for aol, yahoo, or even msn. What coul be wrong with it? Well, to start you may not know if your really talking to who you want to. You may just be talking to a stranger that is your "friend." Also you may be talking to the right account, but they not be the right person. Yes e-mail may be fast, however you may be taking some big risks.

Monday, February 20, 2006

An ISphere solution to serving a range of data - from images, sound, video and text to databases. Each ISphere can manage several collections of digital objects, translate metadata specific to each collection into a common format, and serve digital objects transformed.

ISpheres include their own web services, so they can be installed on any Internet-connected computer with the Java runtime, making their digital object collections discoverable, searchable, transformable and downloadable.

ipod videos, what everyone wants. These ipod video's can do almost anything; play your favorite tv shows, have music videos, and can fit in your palm. No more waiting for reruns on a tv epidsode, just download it and watch it whenever. You can download almost anything you want and it only cost $1.99 for these music videos!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Bluetooth is hands free calling and lets you keep your eyes on the road. The law is restricting drivers from using cell phones,however having a Bluetooth connection between car and cell phone is already very popular. Now You can talk on the phone from the car, be safe, and not get a ticket for using a hand held cell phone. This is a great way to keep you and everyone on the road near you safe.